What is match-history.com?

match-history.com collects all matches of every 1on1 player (on EU, NA and KR) in Starcraft 2 from the official Blizzard API. Since the available data does not provide the opponent, we try to link games so that you can see when you played against whom on which map. So it basically reconstructs your match history.

How does this work?

Data provided by the API contains the following information:

We collect all 1on1 ladder games played and link them by their date and the map they where played on. If there are multiple options to choose from, we compare the MMR of all possible players and minimize the difference in MMR per match.

How accurate is the data?

Sometimes the games cannot be linked with 100% certainty which sucks. All linked games are tagged with a calculated confidence to show you how accurate the link is.

Why are some games not linked?

Because Blizzard.

Why are some of my games missing?

We only started collecting data in the middle of May 2017 (EU) and June 2018 (NA/KR). We should have almost all of the games you played after that point in our database. Because of the APIs rate limitations, some games might fall through, though this is pretty unlikely. Also the API sometimes returns errors which might result in lost games or whole accounts not being able to be loaded. Your games will normally take about 5 minutes to show up.

Edit: We had some downtimes :(

Why does this site only support the EU Server?

Not anymore \o/
Just look at the top right to switch regions, or click here: US Korea